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WATER TREATMENT Learn more about our water treatment systems and solutions.

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WATER SYSTEMS A comprehensive overview of water systems and solutions.

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WASTEWATER More information on wastewater treatment systems and solutions.

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Learn more about pisciculture and its benefits. 

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Learn more about Odor Control solutions for water treatment.

About DeLoach Industries, Inc.

Advanced Water Treatment Systems is the most trusted water provider specializing in Fiberglass, reinforced Fiberglass, and Aluminum  (FRP) Tanks and Towers for the water industry. DeLoach  Industries has been a pioneer and world leader in developing, designing, and fabricating water treatment equipment systems and their ancillary components since 1959. Our quality and experience in the manufacturing of our equipment utilizing Fiberglass hand layup and filament wound processes and our Aluminum and Stainless Steel production are unmatched by our competitors. We custom design and manufacture to meet our customers' specific needs. If you are planning, engineering, or purchasing water, waste water, or odor control process equipment, the team at DeLoach Industries can assist you in every development phase," with our on-staff engineers and qualified staff. ,"       

Our Services

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Design Services

DeLoach Industries, Inc. offers complete support engineering services from professional engineers.  Engineering support includes civil, chemical, electrical, mechanical, and structural. We work with our customers and provide complete design support and specifications on all components or systems.

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Manufacturing Services

DeLoach Industries manufactures all its products using Fiberglass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Steel.   Fiberglass includes “Hand Layup,” proprietary “Contact Molded,” and “Filament Winding” processes for all towers, tanks, and ducts. DeLoach Industries manufactures to meet all NSF, ASTM, ASME, and ANSI requirements.

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Field Services

DeLoach Industries, Inc. offers complete “Operation and Maintenance” and “Field” support to meet its customers' needs.  On all systems fabricated for water treatment or noxious odor control, DeLoach Industries offers annual operation and maintenance support contracts to ensure proper operation. We offer repairs, FRP Duct Installation, Pipe Repairs, and more.  We specialize in the Installation of degasifiers, aerators, and odor-control scrubbers.

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Pisciculture/Fish Farming

DeLoach Industries, Inc. has served the aquaculture and pisciculture market for over 40 years.  We offer full in-house design support to help solve complicated water treatment and filtration problems and an entirely in-house operation and maintenance team and installation team on all DeLoach Industries manufactured equipment.  Whether you are operating a commercial hatchery, aquarium, or grow farm, DeLoach Industries and its team of professionals can assist from the beginning to start up and beyond into operations.  DeLoach Industries can perform field repairs on FRP tanks, pipes, ducts, pumps, controls, and instrumentation. 

Learn more about pisciculture and its benefits. 


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