We specialize in four categories of water treatment services:


Hydrogen Sulfide Forced Draft Degasification (H2S)- DeLoach Industries Inc., manufactures a complete line of water Degasification equipment commonly referred to as "Degasifiers" or “Decarbonators”. The water quality and the type of water filtration being utilized often defines the types of system needed. For the removal of Hydrogen Sulfide gas (H2S) the type of system needed is called a “Degasifier” or “Degasification Tower”. These systems can remove harmful and hazardous H2S levels to 99.999% efficiency when properly applied for water treatment.


Induced or Forced Draft Carbon Dioxide Removal (C02) - To lower C02 and increase pH post treatment of membrane filtration or lime softening the most cost effective process  is referred to as “Decarbonation”. Equipment designed to perform Decarbonation are called “Decarbonators” or “Degasifiers”. Decarbonators remove Carbon Dioxide (C02) to raise the pH of the water post membrane or lime softening treatment by stripping the gas from the water. When properly designed and sized the post water treatment pH can be raised 1 to 1.5 units bringing the water back to a neutral pH level and eliminating the need for chemical pH adjustment. This drastically lowers operating cost and improves water quality.


Induced or Forced Draft Aeration for Iron Oxidation (Fe)- DeLoach Industries also manufactures a complete line of Aerators for the aeration of water within a process treatment system. The need to aerate the water is normally driven by the need to “oxidize” iron Fe and or other naturally occurring elements found in water. Aeration is the most economical method to initiate the oxidation process for water treatment.

Process Type Selection

All of DeLoach Industries packed towers are available in different types and sizes. DeLoach manufactures both “Forced Draft” type and “Induced Draft” type of towers and offers “Round” and “Square” configurations.

  • Forced Draft Forced Draft is often selected when there is the presence or Hydrogen Sulfide gases within the water to be treated. Fresh air is forced from the blower through the tower to “strip” the selected gases as it comes into contact with the water. The corrosive gases do not travel through the blower and this extends the life of the equipment. Available in Fiberglass, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel.
  • Induced Draft Induced draft is a type of degasification utilized when there is no corrosive gas anticipated to be removed from the water. This process also provides a smaller footprint for the equipment. The “Induced Draft” unit pulls fresh air through the tower and the air and the contaminants are exhausted through the blower located at the top of the unit. . Available in Fiberglass, Aluminum, or Stainless Steel.

Round Packed Towers Verses Square Design

DeLoach Industries manufactures all of its towers in two different configuration and with 3 types of materials. Round packed Aeration and Degasification towers typically use “loose fill” media packing to achieve the Ntu and Htu values required during the design and engineering of a tower. However, DeLoach Industries also manufactures a full line of Square” towers for water treatment which provides its customers with the option of both “loose fill” media or the DeLoach proprietary slat tray media that reduces fouling and the need for as frequent cleaning cycles. Both tower types perform identical for removal efficiency but the square design provides increase loading rate capabilities based upon the additional square footage of surface area and lower operating costs from the reduction of fouled media. Both types of designs are offered in Fiberglass contact molded or Filament Wound, Aluminum using 6061 aircraft grade, or Stainless Steel. All towers are backed with a 10 year warranty on the all tower shells and internals excluding media and blowers which have limited warranties subject to maintenance schedules.

Portable Pilot or Emergency Equipment

DeLoach Industries offers its customers and design engineers full support and has an inventory of “pilot equipment” for testing and development of new or expansion projects. Often times when other factors are impacting the design selection the need to field test a system arises. DeLoach Industries can provide a package treatment systems for field testing or in some cases emergency treatment when critical systems are down due to maintenance shutdowns. All systems can be supplied with full controls and pumping systems as may be needed. The size of pilot water treatment systems can be scaled to match the needs of each client.

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