Daniel DiDomenico

Daniel DiDomenico is a Mechanical Design Engineer with DeLoach Industries. He earned his bachelor's degree in Mechanical Engineering at The University of Central Florida in late 2019 and is a Certified SolidWorks Professional. Daniel has a decade of experience using CAD programs and has leveraged these skills when designing large mechanical systems. Background in liquid food pasteurization, water treatment, construction, and general design.

We offer complete in-house engineering and design support for all systems or components manufactured. Our design team comprises certified engineers and senior management with over 40 years of experience. DeLoach Industries will prepare complete specifications outlining all construction materials, design specifics, and applicable hydraulic and structural loading rates. If you are in your project's planning or designing phase, we can assist you and will provide our customers or other design engineering firms with a complete design support solution.

DeLoach Industries Inc. offers full in-house engineering and CAD design support services. We can prepare engineering design drawings on all components or systems manufactured by DeLoach Industries. From simple manufacturing drawings to complicated full systems designs with process instrumentation and electrical, our highly skilled team of engineers and senior management delivers reliable design services. All shop drawings are prepared in 2 or 3-D designs and can include interactive models or rendering intended to meet all project specifications.

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