The following is a list of products offered by DeLoach Industries, Inc direct from our factory. All products are available where applicable in Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Steel, and Fiberglass. All water equipment products meet NSF standard 61 and FDA food grade requirements.

  • Aerators-Induced draft

  • Aerators-Forced draft

  • Degasifiers-Induced draft

  • Degasifiers-Forced draft

  • Decarbonators (CO2 Removal)

  • Cascade/cone aerators

  • PFAS removal Filter Systems

  • Oil Water Separators

  • Clarifiers- Up to13’ diameter and Plate Clarifiers

  • Package WTP

  • Package WWTP

  • Membrane/ RO Systems (Skid, Containerized, and Mobile)

  • Floc Tanks

  • Tanks- water, waste, chemical- 316 ss, lined carbon steel, FRP, HDPE/ Polypropylene

  • Wet Wells/ Lift Stations- FRP or steel- with pumps/controls

  • Green Sand Filters

  • Ion Exchange

  • Gravity filters- Round and rectangular

  • Vertical and Horizontal Pressure filters- Up to13’ diameter

  • Demineralizer

  • Chemical skid and control package

  • Pump packages with controls

  • Artificial Intelligence Control Panels and Systems

  • UL control panels- PLC Panels, SCADA Telemetry Systems

  • Power Distribution System

  • Odor control systems- Single and dual stage chemical FRP towers complete packages.

  • Biological Odor Control Systems

  • Carbon filters- Water and dry air phase for Odor

  • Air stripping towers

  • Steel and Fiberglass platforms for towers and tanks

  • Structural steel or Fiberglass catwalks and platforms/ handrails, bridges

  • FRP platforms/catwalks/safety cages

  • FRP ladders and railing, Decks

  • Blower and air filter packages with controls/ dust and emission control

  • Oil water separators

  • Plate clarifiers

  • FRP Duct Work/ Damper/ Flow control

  • Tank Covers

  • Fiberglass duct, fittings, manways, covers.

  • Custom structures (Fiberglass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, Steel)

    DI operates a complete metals fabrication division as well as a fiberglass production plant.


  • Active Power Recycling. tm

  • Solar Photovoltaic power.

  • Solar thermal with lithium bromide chilling

  • Cogeneration

  • Waste to energy power


  • Annual Service Contracts/Emergency Service

  • Turnkey in house construction and installation services on all DeLoach Industries systems and others.

  • Electrical services, modifications, upgrades, integration, Programing

  • Instrumentation installation, calibration, and low voltage wiring

  • FRP, 316 ss, and carbon steel pipe duct installation and modification

  • Motorized and manual valve service and replacement

  • Electrical motor change out, service, and repair/ Predictive maintenance

  • Generator installation and service.

  • Pilot Testing

  • Field welding/ repair for SS, aluminum, steel

  • Installation of FRP Catwalks, stairs, and walk overs

  • PLC and SCADA Programming and troubleshooting

  • Media cleaning/ Removal and replacement

  • Field Welding Services

  • Pump and motor replacement and repair services

  • Manual and automated valve installation and repair

  • Leak repair and tank lining services with; Poly-urea elastomeric rubber lining, containment, tanks, and wet well, storm vault coating.


DeLoach Industries offers full technical support to its engineering partners and their customers:


The company can provide full electrical engineering with its professional engineers P.E. support for all types of process systems and integration projects. DI manufactures both certified and non-certified U.L control and instrumentation systems including full SCAD supervisory systems. Programing and field programing or trouble shooting support on both DeLoach Industries systems and others.



The company provides all phases of mechanical engineering support for all types of process design requirements for DeLoach Industries equipment and systems. For complex piping and process problems. We provide the design support solutions for FRP, Stainless, Steel and Steel lined piping systems, and P&ID development and integration of all types of systems and their components.

The company provides its engineering customers with complete process design calculations for sizing and removal efficiencies estimates on all systems. We can provide calculations for preliminary design, full technical specifications. This is a critical item for maintaining regulatory compliance. All DeLoach Industries designed systems are 100% fully warranty for performance standards
The company provides full structural engineering design and calculations with plan preparation with certified structural professional engineers (P.E.) Catwalks, ladders, stair deck, mezzanine design and loads. Foundation designs, platforms, beam analysis. On all DeLoach Industries equipment.


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