Hydrogen Sulfide Odor Control Scrubbers:

With today's demanding industry needs concerning odor emissions and off gas treatment our experienced design and manufacturing teams deliver success with the most stringent of requirements. For industrial applications DeLoach Industries has over 50 years of skilled knowledge in supplying our petrochemical customer’s engineered packaged systems to meet their needs in harsh environments. We design, manufacture, and ship our systems around the globe. DeLoach Industries offers full design support, installation, startup & training, and long term operation and maintenance for all of our odor control systems.

In an effort to help your company combat odors and reduce air emissions we specialize in:

  • Odor Control Scrubbers
  • Biological Scrubbers
  • Chemical Scrubbers
  • Custom Tank Covers
  • Fume Control
  • Dust Control
  • Portable Pilot Equipment

Hydrogen Sulfide Wet and Dry Scrubbers- DeLoach Industries offers a complete line of pre-packaged odor control scrubbers for municipal, food, and industrial markets. Our professional design team can incorporate complete package systems into containers or structures to allow local or overseas shipping anywhere in the world. The systems available range from simple air filtration using HEPA filtration to the more complex chemical and biological scrubbers. Air emission and scrubber treatment systems are available in counter current flow or horizontal flow configuration and single systems can achieve flow capacities of up to 70,000 SCFM.

We offer our customers the ability to analyze their off gas processes with highly trained in house specialist and engineers who are skilled in the development and manufacturing of air emissions and odor control solutions. DeLoach Industries offers chemical, chlorine, caustic, and biological single stage or dual stage scrubbers. DeLoach also manufactures Carbon Absorbers, and Potassium Permanganate type scrubber systems. DeLoach Industries is an innovator in the development of new technologies and we have a complete line of proprietary close loop odor control scrubbers and low profile scrubber systems.

Biological Scrubbers

We employ Biological Scrubbers for the efficient removal of H2S, VOCs, and other odors from air streams using controlled biological activity. Designed for high treatment efficiency and maximum corrosion resistance. Biological scrubbing action minimizes chemical consumption and offers low ongoing operational cost. All Biological Scrubbers are designed and sized specific to our customers’ needs and are fully packaged with full automation components. Systems are available skid mounted or for slab installation. DeLoach Industries offers full installation, startup, and training support. 


Are you planning or engineering a process water or wastewater plant now that you need our services?

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