Design Services

AdobeStock_59046832-1.jpegEngineering Services:

DeLoach Industries Inc., offers full support engineering services from professional engineers. Engineering support includes civil, chemical, electrical, mechanical, and structural.


We offer complete in house engineering and design support for all systems or components manufactured. Our design team consist of certified engineers and senior management with over 40 years of experience. DeLoach Industries will prepare complete specifications outlining all materials of construction, design specifics, hydraulic and structural loading rates as applicable. If you are in the planning or designing phase of your project we can assist you and will provide our customers or other design engineering firms a complete design support solution.

Engineering Drawing Designs:

DeLoach Industries Inc., offers full in house engineering and CAD design support services. We can prepare engineering design drawings on all components or systems manufactured by DeLoach Industries. From simple manufacturing design drawings to complicated full systems designs with process instrumentation and electrical, our highly skilled team of engineers and senior management delivers reliable design services. All shop drawings are prepared in 2 or 3-D designs and can include interactive models or rendering intended to meet all specifications of the project.


Manufacturing Services

design-build-engineering-sarasota-florida-2.pngDeLoach Industries Inc., still remains one of the first, and is the oldest Fiberglass Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) in the USA. Specializing in the fabrication of Water, Environmental, Wastewater, Odor Control, and Air Emission equipment, its components, and complete turn-key package systems. DeLoach Industries manufactures all of its products using NSF approved Fiberglass, Aluminum, Stainless Steel, and Steel. Fiberglass includes “Hand Layup”, proprietary “Contact Molded” and “Filament Composite Windingprocesses for all towers, tanks, duct and fittings. DeLoach Industries manufactures to meet all NSF, ASTM, ASME, and ANSI requirements. Our Products include:

O&M Support and Maintenance Services:

DeLoach Industries Inc., offers complete "Operation and Maintenance” along with complete field support to meet all of its customer’s needs. On all systems fabricated for the treatment of water, wastewater, environmental, or noxious odor control DeLoach Industries offers its customers an option for a full annual support contract to assure proper operation and extended warranty. In addition DeLoach Industries has trained field installation and repair teams for fiberglass services and field welding services. DeLoach Industries can assist in the installation of its equipment, Fiberglass duct and fittings install, or emergency repair services. All technicians operate under strict compliance with OSHA standards.

Water Filtration Media:

DeLoach Industries offers a full line of replacement media to meet its customer’s needs. For replacement loose fill media or slat tray type media DeLoach Industries can offer fast and responsive shipping direct to your location. In addition, DeLoach Industries offers support services for the removal and replacement of loose fill media when needed. DeLoach also offers replacement options with slat tray media for square configuration towers. 


Greensand Filter Systems:

DeLoach Industries design and manufacturers Greensand filters and filtration systems. A Greensand filtration system is comprised of filter media, sand, gravel, under-drain, and backwash valves and can be fabricated from either carbon steel, stainless steel, or fiberglass. Our systems are available in a variety of flow capacities and are capable of treating and removing Fe, Mn, H2S, and other minerals from the water process. Our systems can be used as the direct method of treatment or interconnected with other process systems including reverse osmosis, ion exchange, degasification, or EDI. DeLoach Industries is a leader in the design and fabrication of water treatment systems and wastewater treatment systems. All systems come factory tested and backed by a full warranty for performance. All package systems come completely installed, pre-plumbed, with backwash valves either manual or fully automatic and are pre-wired with a control panel system.  The valve systems on all of our greensand filtration systems come with manual or fully automated butterfly valves and the backwash sequence is calculated based upon the individual demand load requirements to meet the customers needs. Let our trained engineers on staff assist you with your next project.


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Field Services

AdobeStock_71188366.jpegDeLoach Industries offers full support and factory trained field staff for all of our customers’ needs which include; equipment installation and setup, FRP duct installation, FRP field wrapping, FRP and steel pipe repairs, platform and tank cover Installations, and more. DeLoach Industries can provide full turn key support services to its customers and contractors when requested to assist in the installation, start up, and training of all systems manufactured by DeLoach Industries.

Annual Service Contracts and Emergency Support:

DeLoach Industries offers annual service contracts on all DeLoach and other brand water treatment equipment. In addition, the highly trained staff can assist and perform emergency services to provide its customers with full support when needed. Our service contracts and repair services include, but are not limited to:

  • Annual Service Contract on Towers and Scrubbers
  • FRP Duct or Pipe Modification
  • Field Leak Repairs (FRP)
  • Field Leak Repairs (Steel and Stainless)
  • Fouled Tower Media Cleaning
  • Blower, Motors, Belts, Bearing Maintenance or Replacement

Water Analysis Review and Odor Air Analysis Review- Our team can assist owners and their engineers in the review and selection process that occurs after obtaining good water quality data or air sample information. DeLoach Industries will assist its customers and their engineers in analyzing the information, prepare the equipment design and specification needed and develop a bill of material necessary to complete the budget and or project review.

System Installation- All DeLoach Industries equipment come offered with an option for factory trained personnel to transport, deliver, unload, install and assemble the DeLoach treatment equipment. We will schedule delivery when the owner, engineer, or contractor would like onsite field services to assure complete satisfaction and warranty protection.

FRP Duct Work Installation and Repair- DeLoach Industries offers complete field services for supplying and installing all FRP manufactured duct, dampers and fittings. For both water and air, our factory trained staff can provide comprehensive field services that comply with all current OSHA standards.

Tank Repair- DeLoach Industries offers full FRP tank repair and modifications. If your tank needs additional fittings or has been damaged we can provide the field repair services you need.

Welding- DeLoach Industries offers field welding services for aluminum, steel, and stainless steel for all types of process plants and facilities. For new, repair, modification, or expansion we can help complete your next welding project. Repair to catwalks, handrails, or tanks can all be provided by our factory trained welding personnel.

Service Contracts- DeLoach Industries offers annual services contracts on all degasification, decarbonation, air stripping towers, and odor control treatment systems. Our service contract assures the owner that the equipment will be cleaned and inspected annually and all of the key components are in top operational condition. Services include: the removal and cleaning of all types of media, blower adjustment and repair, screen cleaning and repair, distribution cleaning and repair, sludge removal, and sterilization.



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