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Degasification Tower Design: Square Vs Round?

Posted by Anthony DeLoach, President on Jul 10, 2017 2:32:37 PM
What to consider when designing your degasification or Decarbonation water treatment system.
An illustration showing a square-shaped aeration or degasification tower, offering more surface area and flexible media options for efficient water treatment.When designing a water treatment system the need for aeration or degasification is quite common, as it is the most cost-effective way to treat water and obtain the highest results. For the oxidation of iron, or the removal of Carbon Dioxide (CO2) or Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S), aeration and degasification remain the most efficient methods to treat potable and industrial water. So how do you know if you should select a round or a square aerator or degasifier, and when is one more appropriate than the other? The selection of a square-shaped aeration or degasification tower always provides the owner with more! Why? Well, it’s simple, first think about a 6 ft. diameter round tower and how much square footage is available for use and how much space it takes up. A 6-ft. diameter equals 28.26 square feet of area, whereas a 6-foot square tower provides 36 square feet of area. That’s over 25% more surface area than in the round tower. Both tower designs take up the same area on the ground when you consider the installation space needed for the “footprint”.
  The additional advantage of square vs round is that a square tower design allows the owner the option of utilizing both “Random Pack” and “Slat Tray” types for the media. So for projects with high concentrations of iron, hydrogen sulfide, or other minerals or potentially higher bacteria growth, the owner may wish to switch or use slat tray media to avoid higher operating costs and service cleanings.

Both round and square aerators and degasifiers can be manufactured in aluminum, fiberglass, or stainless steel so the material selection is not a variable when deciding what type of tower to select for your plant.

Another benefit of the square design over round is that most square towers come equipped with larger service doors and access hatches because of the ability to accept slat tray media. This provides easier access inside of the tower for cleaning and services when needed. Round towers are typically equipped with round access man ways so entering the tower and removing media is much slower and requires more labor costs.

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