What To Consider When Selecting An Odor Control Scrubber.

Posted by Anthony DeLoach, President on Jul 5, 2017 11:18:06 AM

During the design process,

the most important thing is having a total understanding of the need for the scrubber to ensure you make the right decision. For this reason, always ask the right questions about your process such as how you are going to operate the motor system and what the loading rate is. When selecting an odor control scrubber you must take into consideration all of the variables of the project.


One example is the decision between Chemical Scrubbers and Biological Scrubbers. If there are a lot of variations and load rates then typically a Chemical Scrubber would be your best choice. A Biological Scrubber would not be the right choice because the biological bed is not able to adjust quick enough to the increased load rate.

DeLoach Industries offers odor control scrubbers for both municipal and industrial markets. Contact our professional design team today to start incorporating your complete package system. For more information or to learn more contact the professionals at DeLoach Industries Inc. at (941) 371-4995.

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