Degasification for Pisciculture

Posted by Anthony DeLoach, President on Jul 23, 2019 11:03:53 AM

To enhance and balance the water quality


in aquaculture and pisciculture operations, the industry is recognizing the benefits from utilizing a type of water treatment called “Forced Draft Degasification” to remove CO2 (Carbon Dioxide) and H2S (Hydrogen Sulfide) gases and oxidize other elements such as Iron or Magnesium.

 Removing these elements from the water process improves the quality of the water and aids in the balancing of the pH without the need for additional chemicals.

IMG_7786-1Not all degasification towers are equal!

The market has seen an influx of low efficiency performance systems which why they may offer a low capital entry point for a customer they fall short on providing the overall quality enhancements a properly design degasification tower provides. Utilizing low efficient perforated trays with natural updraft will result in low removal efficiencies of CO2 and H2S gases.

There are additional benefits that are achieved when a properly designed and sized degasification tower is selected for aquaculture water enhancement which include the ability to remove excess heat from the water and stabilize a temperature from the effluent of the tower. In addition, the oxidation of iron with enhance enrichment of O3 (Oxygen) and complete conversion and removal of CaCO3 (Calcium- Carbonate). A properly sized degasification tower or Decarbonation tower if your goal is to only remove CO2 will utilize a loose fill media packing bed, a header lateral distribution system with nozzles, media support plates, de-mister, and a forced draft type blower capable of overcoming the required static pressure.

Properly designed degasification towers utilize “The Henry’s Law TheoryHenrys Law graph

of pressure equilibrium in water. By properly altering the equilibrium of the water pressure inside of the degasification tower you can liberate all entrapped gases and also create oxidation and conversion of other chemical elements within the water to allow them to enter a gas phase and be removed from the water during the degasification process. The gases are “stripped” from the water as the cross current air flow travels up thru the tower as the water droplets are continually “impinged” and reshaped over and over again allowing new molecules to reach the edge of the water droplet and be removed in the cross current air flow. This is “Degasification”.

DeLoach Industries Inc a 60 year veteran and pioneer in degasification and water filtration performs detail analysis of water data for each customer to achieve a design that will maximize the enhancement benefits of the treatment and also lower operating cost of the operation. By removing CO2 DeLoach Industries systems will raise the pH of the water by the removal of the carbonic acid. Lowering the pH upstream of the process is often required to allow full conversion of the hydrogen sulfide so it can be removed as a gas from the water. For more information on water treatment for the aquaculture/aqua farming industry visit

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