Steam Process Water Systems

Posted by Anthony DeLoach, President on Jun 26, 2018 8:06:00 AM

Degasification towers remove hydrogen sulfide (H2S), carbon dioxide (CO2), and quite often dissolved odor-1oxygen (O2).  In process water systems where the water will be used to heat and turn into steam it is critical that the water chemistry be fully understood and a properly designed treatment system utilizing degasification, decarbonation, or deaeration to be applied. Removing dissolved gases is critical to the life and efficiency of the boiler and allowing dissolved gases such as carbon dioxide to remain in the water is a recipe for disaster and reduced life. The (CO2) will convert into carbonic acid and form a corrosive condition for the boiler and other critical components. In addition, the removal of the (CO2) will elevate the pH of the water without the addition of caustics. The selection of what type of degasification tower system should be based on the specific applications, site conditions, and water chemistry. DeLoach Industries understands the many different requirements needed for each individual Industrial Water Treatment system. For more information or to learn more contact the professionals at DeLoach Industries Inc. at (941) 371-4995.

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