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Sour Gas Degasification

Posted by Anthony DeLoach, President on Aug 28, 2018 12:31:07 PM

Treating Hydrogen Sulfide for Environmental Safety

Removing H2S degasification towerThe term "sour gas" refers to natural gas or other gases that contain high levels of hydrogen sulfide (H2S). These gases often occur naturally and are found in deposits of natural gas. The industry classifies gas as "sour" when the concentrations of H2S exceed 5.7 milligrams per cubic meter or 4 milligrams per cubic meter under standard temperature and pressure. However, it's important to note that the classification may vary depending on the agency or organization involved.

It's crucial not to confuse sour gas with acidic gas, although there can be an overlap between the two. Sour gas is specifically defined by its high quantities of hydrogen sulfide, often accompanied by mercaptans, which contribute to the foul smell and odor. The term is commonly used in the oil refinery business, and when gases contain sour gas, the process of removing hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans is known as "sweetening." The most prevalent method used for sweetening and removing sour gas is through an "amine process," which effectively eliminates the harmful gases.

DeLoach Industries, a process equipment manufacturer, has been specializing in removing and treating hydrogen sulfide since 1959. The company focuses on degasification, the process of removing hydrogen sulfide from water, re-use water, or wastewater. Just like natural gas extraction processes and seawater treatment processes, many natural water wells produce high concentrations of hydrogen sulfide that must be removed to ensure water quality for consumption or to protect other process equipment, such as boilers or steam turbines.

DeLoach Industries excels in designing and manufacturing forced draft degasification tower systems and vacuum degasification systems specifically engineered to remove harmful hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Over the years, they have provided equipment and solutions to major petroleum producers across the United States.

When sweetening sour gas or removing hydrogen sulfide, it becomes essential to treat and neutralize the H2S gas effectively. This requires the use of an "odor control scrubber" or "hydrogen sulfide scrubber" that captures and neutralizes the H2S gas, safeguarding the environment, operators, and surrounding equipment. Hydrogen sulfide can be highly dangerous at high levels, and precautions must be taken to capture and treat the noxious off-gas. DeLoach Industries manufactures a comprehensive range of odor control scrubbers designed for the treatment and neutralization of hydrogen sulfide gases. These systems have evolved from single and dual-pass chlorine and caustic scrubbers to biological scrubbers suitable for lower concentrations. Now, the latest advancements integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into odor control scrubbers, enabling them to make autonomous decisions and optimize their performance.

DeLoach Industries remains at the forefront of the industry, continually pushing boundaries to provide efficient and effective solutions for sour gas degasification and odor control. By leveraging their expertise and state-of-the-art equipment, they contribute to environmental safety and the protection of personnel working in the vicinity of sour gas operations.

In conclusion, sour gas degasification and odor control are critical processes for removing hydrogen sulfide and mercaptans from gases, ensuring environmental safety, and protecting equipment and personnel. DeLoach Industries has been at the forefront of this field, offering innovative solutions since 1959. Through their commitment to excellence and continuous research and development, they continue to be a trusted partner for major petroleum producers and water treatment professionals alike. For more information or to explore their comprehensive range of degasification and odor control solutions, please contact DeLoach Industries Inc. at (941) 371-4995.

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